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I met Sakinah nearly two years ago made an appointment and rescheduled. Two years later out of the blue and feeling tired sluggish and bloated all the time I reached in my wallet and took out Sakinah's card. I will say that calling, making the appointment, and actually going to the appointment was the first step of a new beginning for me and the start of a new chapter. I felt so comfortable and now that I have completed one session I feel cleaner, my skin looks lighter and has a glow; maybe it is all in my mind but I doubt it because I am looking in the mirrors and my husband notices it. Sakinah is truly a blessing and meeting her is as well. I am so excited and believe the best is yet to come as I am ready to start a new life of exercising more, eating healthier and keeping my body hydrated.  Thanks you Sakinah!!!  Carolyn D.

After hearing a friend rant and rave (positively) about Colonics by Sakinah I instantly felt this was the missing link to my kick-start to a healthier me! Of course, it was somewhat nerving going in,however, Sakinah and her staff did an awesome job making me feel comfortable throughout the entire session. If you are coach-able and committed, I believe this will be extremely beneficial. I felt wonderful after session one and am preparing to go back for my next session in minutes. I am so excited about ridding all that "yuk" in my system! I will keep you posted!   Nique  Arlington,Tx

I had been feeling I needed a "jump start" to re-establishing a healthier lifestyle. My research introduced me to Sakinah and it is my best discovery in years. I came to her for help with weight loss and came away with a lifetime of positive information about my overall health. It really is this simple: Be strong. Be coach-able. Be committed and focused and she will give you the tools to exceed your goals. She is truly a blessing.    Felton S.        Savannah, TX   

Let me start with I FEEL GREAT! I came into Sakinah's office exhausted, stressed out, over weight and in over all poor health. Sakinah truly cares about her clients health. Upon our first talk over the phone, she asked questions about me like my lifestyle, eating habits, etc. She let me know what I could do to prepare for my colonics session and get the best results. So when I came in she made me feel completely comfortable with the procedure by letting me know step by step what the process of my colonics procedures were going to be. My first session I lost three pounds and I knew that it worked well due to what I saw leaving my body and the detoxing I continued to experience into that evening! WOW...glad to get that out! The next day when I came in, I still felt a little tired (glad she suggests the "back to back" sessions to start). By the end of my second session, I felt energized and I lost another three pounds. I left feeling that six lbs. lighter, I was calm...and the brain fog was gone! Now I have lost a total of ELEVEN POUNDS!!! I have so much more energy and I can actually relax! And through making the dietary changes that Sakinah suggested I know that I am well on my way to my weight loss goal and it no longer seems impossible. I am able to accomplish a lot more in a day than I could before. I am about to schedule another session and see this becoming part of my new healthy lifestyle. I, my husband, and my four children thank you Sakinah.

Venesa E.  Arlington,Tx   

I have been a client of Sakinah's for about 6 years. During that time, she has always exemplified professionalism, care,concern,well-being and health for her clients. I feel very confident as a client not only because of the friendship we have established, but she has the credentials, pleasant demeanor and continuously strives for excellence in being the best at what she does. I have and will continue encouraging others to utilize Sakinah's services which will contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Sakinah for all you do.

Candace W.   Fort Worth, Texas  

Wow. First of all, My waist size isn't 36 anymore. I'm going to have to buy 34's (or even less) when it comes to pants. Sakinah truly has the heart to help people - I know it. She's always asking if I've got any questions. She's really trying to educate, as opposed to having the attitude of "get 'em in, get 'em out." Oh, and her facility super clean ! I love it!

Obie O.   Arlington,Texas  

Sakinah is great and i feel this is a great way to feel better...she will get u on the right path to a healthy lifestyle and Sakinah is a very good supportive coach...she helps u to understand the process of colonics and facilitates the ultimate "colonic irrigation".

Katrina M.   Grand Prairie, Texas     

I really had good experience with the colon cleansing. The most important thing that changed is my energy level, i feel i do have much more energy than before. Less gas! I really like it, and i would recommend it for everybody.

Rania W.  Texas     


 "Sakinah has a vast amount of knowledge about health and nutrition. Her goal is to impart that knowledge to empower her clients to achieve better health. She will take a personal interest in the challenges you are facing."

Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Fran L.   Arlington, Texas


“Sakinah is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Holistic Colonics. I trust her completely and I recommend her to all my friends and family.”


Pam K.   Mansfield, Texas



The level of service by Sakinah is fantastic. Having been a customer for several years, I am consistently impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and coaching skills . My entire family has benefited . The kids' grades and behavior have both improved.  We are all able to handle stress better (we are more relaxed and focused).  As Sakinah says: "Losing the weight is just a side benefit of overall lifestyle changes ".  Starting with a series of colonics, making lifestyle changes, drinking the right kind of water, and eating quality foods; I have so much energy!"


 Cynthia W.   Fort Worth, TX



“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company  or people you can trust. Sakinah was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service, her experience, knowledge and the coaching  I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work, Sakinah!”


Theresa P.  Arlington, Texas



"I have been to a few other colonic treatment facilities and let me tell you, coming to Sakinah is like a whole life changing experience. To begin with, during the entire time, you remain covered.  I inserted the rectal tube myself and it's smaller that a Fleet enema.  I was never embarrassed. 


There is NO ODOR!  Like me, Sakinah and the people who work with her are clean freaks ( I mean this in a good way).  They use a hospital grade sanitizer.  It kills all viruses, including Aids, Hepatitis A and C and  all bacteria.  They sanitize the colonic unit and even the doorknobs and light switches after each session.  This facility is amazingly clean and relaxing. 


Sakinah and her Team are really passionate about what they do.  Sakinah doesn't just collect the money and send you on your way.  They use charts so it's visual and memorable.  Sakinah educated me about the digestive process and what I needed to do to achieve better digestion and  have more frequent bowel movements (three (3) per day now). I know why I have been severely constipated since childhood. 


If you're thinking about getting a colonic, go to Sakinah.  She and her Team are the best.  You will end up telling all your friends about Them:) "


John N.  Dallas, Texas




 After the first series of 5 colonics, I felt much better.  I couldn't believe that I was about 4 pounds lighter after the very first session!


It was nothing like I thought it would be.  The experience was relaxing and the music is very soothing.  I'm seventy three years young and a bit set in my ways.  Working with Sakinah, I realized that I needed to make some changes and the best way to do it was to  change some of my eating habits,  do some stretching and breathing exercises and take the  "Isotonic" vitamins & probiotics.  Each session gets more and more  old stuff out.  It's almost unbelievable.  If I didn't see it with my own eyes (there's a view tube) I wouldn't believe it. I'd advise everybody to get colonics. I'm still set in my ways ; but my ways have changed for the better".


 Sally J.   Arlington, Texas


Colonics By Sakinah
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